Harrison's Tech. Services specializes in designing stunning professional websites to suit business needs.

Why Us?

Modern and Clean Design

You’ll find that all of our websites have two common characteristics. Our approach emphasizes visual appeal while maintaining intuitive navigation.

Solid Code

Our proprietary approach to application development ensures optimal application performance which is more clearly visible to search engines.


Due to lower operation costs than large design companies, we are able to offer competitive pricing on projects that may cost triple or more elsewhere. Therefore, HTS is able to provide excellent quality service while accommodating the budgets of small businesses.


Throughout the development of projects, we regularly check in with clients for comments on design. We address issues that clients may have and work hard to make sure that all of our clients are fully satisfied!

What We Offer

Web Design

Our state of the art websites feature beautiful design with easy navigation.

Computer Repair

Computer Issue? No Problem!

Software Installations

We have experience with installing a wide variety of software on computers. We can install software like Microsoft Office or Windows but we can also install and configure more advanced software solutions like business POS Software.


Under Construction.

Virus Removal

Under Construction.